Retreat Format

Retreats are individually guided sessions that typically begin at 3:00 PM on Day 1 and end with lunch on Day 4. Sessions can be scheduled to include or avoid weekends.

Retreat structure consists of:buddha
• personal reflection time to journal, walk or do art
• daily story sharing sessions with the retreat guide
• daily summary and focus for the next day’s work
• retreat-end summary session, with scheduling of follow-up support

The Life Review Retreat offers comfortable accommodations in a beautiful North Woods setting near the north shore of Lake Superior, where you can focus entirely upon reviewing and sharing your story.

Meals that accommodate your dietary needs and tastes, prepared on-site, can be taken in private or in the company of your host and guide.

“I am an off-the-chart intuitive. My expectations were vague! Yet, the outcome I received/shaped was exactly what I needed.”