I [felt] very nurtured by the environment and accommodation … It is in a beautiful setting – private and restful.

I appreciated the guiding questions, the sharing of stories.  I liked how the questions/sessions built upon each other and how we went a layer deeper each time.

Meals were divine. I felt very nurtured by the meals – and by sharing them with you and John.

I am an off-the-chart intuitive. My expectations were vague! Yet, the outcome I received/shaped was exactly what I needed.

Suzelle Lynch, September 2016


I just did [a Life Review with Karen Gustafson]. It is a wonderful chance to receive deep caring at all levels–a beautiful place to stay, wonderful meals tailored to your preferences, and many hours of reflection time and deep listening from Karen. Karen is kind and gentle and very smart. She listens for what you say and what you don’t say. She asks questions that deepen your reflection. Initially I said, how could I possibly talk to someone for ten hours about my life? And, it was no problem! Short of therapists, who listen to you to discern what’s wrong and how to fix it, no one has ever listened to me for that many hours ever! But this was not about identifying pathologies or remedies; it was about listening to patterns and longings and unfinished business. I can’t recommend it enough!

Meg Riley, July 2017